Semalt Explains The Reasons Why Instagram Should Be A Part Of Every Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, all companies should consider the opportunities that social networks present. Social media have increased the amount information and digital content. For example, with a total of 1,200 posts every second on Instagram, people make 180 million updates every day on average. As a result, the presence of a brand on Instagram has become a real necessity. Therefore, business owners have to develop a clear strategy that will help company to make the most of its social media presence in one of the most influential social network.

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, explains the reasons why Instagram presence is essential for brands.

The Importance of Instagram for Brands

Most businesses target millennials aged between 18-24 as soon as they represent the annual income accounted in $50,000 to $ 74,000. For this audience the Instagram is a preferred social media site. For instance, through another social media channels this group spend much less – from $25,000 to $49,000 annually.

Instagram ranks in the category of the top ten platforms used for discovering products. The 45.6 % of users show that they are more likely to remember the features of a product if saw it on Instagram rather than in traditional media.

Research on the buying patterns shows that brands that were increasing their presence on Instagram increased the purchase number in the last six months. The Instagram platform helps to reach core audiences, raise awareness, and build loyalty.

Engagement on Instagram

Instagram thrives as a successful network as it inspires content. There are over 300 million users all over the world that spend at least 257 minutes a month at the platform. Instagram's success is caused by their focus on user experience, and the quality of visual content. These factors made them spread globally. Instagram managed to run a total of 150 paid ad campaigns last year and reserved $1 billion revenue target for the current year. The c ntemporary market takes visuals very serious in business so should any businesses looking to succeed.

Realizing the Problem

Followers are attracted to content, and the lack of it will lead to the consequence of experiencing no impact, attaining a mediocre reputation, or brand misunderstanding. Some of the ways that help achieve winning content on Instagram are:

  • Create Beautiful Images. The more beautiful and original content is, the more the followers you will have
  • Create a Unique Point of View (POV). Adopt any visual angle that is enticing to users in a brand's marketing campaign
  • Establish Visual Identity. By using a mood board, a brand seeks to present itself against a certain mood and tone. Mood boards create desired look of the brand

Instagram and the Future

The reason why human beings love images is that they evoke emotions and feelings. The brain processes a bulk of information in visual format. Content that consists of the most outstanding images increases their viewing potential by 94 percent as they manage to tell stories and express raw emotion. Human beings create deeper connections with what they can see rather than what they read. The future of social is in visuals and will continue to eliminate the mediums relying on bulk texts for communication. Therefore, companies should take this time to establish their brand using the most popular network, Instagram.